A Retrospective

Well, this is the blog post, and to be honest I think that means it will be the last time I update this. With it being the last post, I decided the best way to wrap things up is with an introspective retrospective. Let’s get right into it. I’ll be including pictures from past posts […]

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Fun Run

So, I have really big news to tell everyone. But, to build suspense, I will drop hints throughout this blog post, and then give the grand finale at the end. So, for this big piece of news, I need to get in shape. Not just getting fit or becoming swole (both of which I already […]

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Run into the Sea.

To continue the theme of last week, instead of going on a walk by myself some friends and me got together and went on a jog on the bluffs, which you might remember from previous blog posts. At first it was a jog with me and Maddie (who you may remember went to Vietnam with […]

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Lunch n’ Bats

Instead of telling you guys about a grandiose adventure I had this week, I have decided to talk about a more wholesome tale. One of adventure, relaxation, and enjoyment. The week starts simple, with a single sentence, a proposition; “Hey Lamont, Want to come to lunch with us?”. At first I declined, due to the […]

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The Beauty of Flowers

While doing an assortment of other assignments for school, I realized that I needed to work on the blog post. “Alright”, I said, “what ideas do I have?”. This is around the time I realized I had no idea on what to do for this week’s blog post. I made a song, but that is […]

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