Statewide Pride

Welcome to the blog! Here we are going to be making music with some pretty cool instruments. First off we’ve got the Akai MPK Mini MkII, which we will use for making beats and jams on the computer. For actual instruments, we have a nice acoustic guitar and a Blue Yeti microphone for recording.  Alright, on to the adventure.


For inspiration, I took a quick walk around the neighborhood. At first I didn’t know what to look for, but then I noticed this newly placed bright traffic sign, placed by a company named Statewide.img_5644

Alright, we’re off to a great start. Statewide can rhyme with a bunch of stuff! If you don’t believe me, take a look. I continued my walk down the street and noticed a bunch of red street signs. I stared at them for good while trying to decide something to do with them. Could I make a song about wide signs? Red lines? Ah, that’s it! Statewide, and “NO PARKING AT ANYTIME”. That already sounds like a hit song. img_5646On the last leg of my adventure I was getting desperate. Despite how rhymable I thought wide and time were, it seems like the city officials didn’t care about making street signs rhyme. I was beginning to tip on the edge of insanity, following a random howling owl into a forest as light was beginning to disappear, and darkness taking it’s place. At one point there was a lone child waiting at the end of a path. Thinking that my mind had finally fallen and started hallucinating, I held back. Behind the kid, 2 very small puppies walked out, and started to run towards me.  I played with them a bit, and continued on. And then, finally I found it. Another street sign that would complete my song. img_5648

Alright, finally I’ve got it. “Statewide, Any Time, 25”. Now, we make the song.

Making the Song

When I was thinking of names for the song, the first thing that came to mind was “Street Lights” by Kanye West, mostly because of the song talking about streetlights, albeit in a very metaphorical sense, and my rhyming words all coming from street signs. So, I took the chords from Street Lights, modified them a little bit, and make some lyrics up on the spot. There’s a part were the song skips, and that’s just an attempt at cutting 2 takes together. Also, the song doesn’t use any of the words I found except for Statewide. Next time I will have a better idea of what I am doing, so I swear it will be a better song. But maybe you have an even better idea! I pose the question:

What’s your idea for a song? Post it in the comments below!

“Statewide Pride”

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