Tangerine Queen (or King)

This post is going to be a little different from last time. Instead of just going and finding stuff to make a song about, I already had an idea for this song. Chords-wise I also already had a couple of ideas. There’s a song I recently learned called Celebrate by Anderson .Paak. The chords have a great Soul/Gospel feel to them. There’s another set of chords that I made up that have a more of a punk rock feel to them. For this song I am going to use the personally-curated set of chords, but who knows. You will probably be hearing some form of the other set of chords very soon. But just because I came up with a set of chords before doesn’t mean I can’t have a little adventure to inspire the song. So, let me tell you about what I did.

These are tangerines, and a lot of them. These tangerines grow of trees like these:

Me and a couple of friends went to a tangerine farm to volunteer picking tangerines to donate to a local Food Bank. I first thought that this would be really hard, or boring, or both. But it wasn’t, and it proved to be a great way to lay back, socialize, and get some community service hours. There was a large field of these trees, and you were armed with a pair of mini-pruners. You would journey to tree from tree, swiping down tons of tangerines (unintentional rhyme, nice). At the end we filled around 2 4×4 giant boxes full of plump tangerines.

On the way home I was thinking, and came up with the idea to this song…

The Song

For the beat I used an old instrumental I was going to put on the album I’m working on, but hey whatevs. I was going to play the guitar but my wrist is hurting a lot right now for whatever reason. This song only took around 4 tries to make perfect, as opposed to the literal 30 tries it took to make “Statewide Pride” good. Overall I think it’s a pretty decent song, and I put a cool little filter over my voice to disguise the fact that I am horribly insecure about my singing voice. Enjoy!

What did you think of the song? Have any ideas? Leave them in the comments below!


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