So for this blog post I had great expectations. I wanted to improve in the areas I failed in last post, better plan my time, and have a real adventure. But then it rained, really hard. And at first I thought my entire weekend would be ruined. However, It actually turned out to be a really fun 4 day weekend!

The Adventure


So this horrible blurry photo summarizes what we did on the first day, Friday. Weathercasters predicted that on Friday Santa Barbara would get the biggest rainfall it’s seen in 5 years, with 65MPH winds. And for the most part, it was a pretty bad storm. Sidewalks were flooded, trees were ripped from the ground, all the normal storm stuff. So, logically, me and a couple friends (whose names are Milo and Melissa) decided to try going boogie boarding. We first hit up Dos Pueblos, there is a weird indent in the field in front of the school. The grass wasn’t as slippery as we thought, and boogie-boarding attempts often ended in a lot of pain and failure. We then went to a gold park, and rode around there for a while. Here’s interesting thought, riding around getting super muddy in a storm in just shorts and a thin t-shirt makes you really cold. We showered for at least 30 minutes. We went to bed tired that night.

Milo’s dog, named Chicken.

The next day a couple more friends (whose names are Jay, and Miles) came over and we just hung out for the day. We made a couple of songs, talked, laughed. We then we to another friends house (Tyler) and played a horror game called Outlast. Pro tip: don’t google it. After that we played some more party games, and ended the night watching The Conjuring 2. The next day we hung out again, and on the final day of the break I took a break. All of the staying up late, horrible unhealthy food, energy wasted hit me at once, and I got sick (update: still sick a week later). Let’s get to the song:

The Song

For some reason my microphone isn’t working, so I had to record on my phone using Voice Memos. For the chords I took the chillest chords I know, and mashed them together. If I sound weird it’s cause I’m still feeling a little sick. Thanks!

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