Basketball is something that has been somehow or other been connected to my life. When I was a kid around 1st-3rd grade, I played ball in an organization. I never really liked it though, my parents didn’t necessarily force me to do it, but they were the primary reason I did it. I always got pre-game jitters, and during the game I would try as hard as I could to just blend in and go away, not going for rebounds or anything. As soon I could stop playing I did. I would play some ball every once in a while, but never really got back into it. Until now.

You can notice the cracks of this ball.

For the past week I’ve been going to a nearby park and practicing basketball drills. It all started when I tried playing NBA 2k14. I sucked at it, and still do, but for some reason it sparked something inside of me. I found my ball, which has been deflated for a long long time, and caked with asphalt dust and grim, and pumped it up. When I got to the court I expected to at least be a little decent, from muscle memory or something, but boy was I wrong. I was able to make a couple 3’s here and there, but even there I could tell my form was off. And my ball-handling skills were even worse.


My right hand was alright, and I did retain some muscle memory from drills. I was able to do in and outs, wipers, and keep control of the ball. But oh my god, my left hand was like a kid learning to draw. I was unable to dribble, and even holding the ball felt weird. Well, that was a week ago. I’ve been going every day, and each day I can feel progress. First I was able to do pound the ball, then I was able to do drills. I am still a long ways away from perfection. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of my hard work. This week, on Monday, I truly made a breakthrough. I was able to start my first crossover! This has been my dream, even way back when I was a kid. I would see pro players spin the ball around themselves effortlessly, and would be lost. Well now I am able to see my progress!


Now… about…

The Song

I am getting my wisdom teeth removed on the day this gets posted, and that’s the day I usually record the song. Truth be told I didn’t really plan any of this out, so I probably won’t be able to post a song right now. I will try to remember to do it over the weekend, but in case that doesn’t happen this is my excuse. Thanks!

Have any of you guys been inspired to get more active recently? Tell me about it below!


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