Journey to the Mist

I’ve been keeping up my basketball routine since the Basketball post, but due to pulling my hamstring (or straining it, idk) and the whole wisdom teeth thing, I haven’t been able to go for about a week and a half.  So, on Monday I was able to finally get back into the groove. It was the first nice sunny day in a while, and I had a great time. I got back, took a nice cold shower, and was thinking of things to do for the blog, and then it hit me. I shouldn’t have any plans for the blog! On the first post I just grabbed my camera and walked outside, trying to find rhyming words, and that made it a little more magical. So I grabbed my camera, put a 50mm lens (AKA My Baby) on and a wide angle in my pocket, and went outside. Somehow the weather had gone from hot and sunny to cold and misty as hell (if hell was misty). I walked across to some bluffs nearby, and got the camera out.

Here’s a nice wide angle shot I got. I’ll put the lens I used under each picture, and sorry but I’ll be posting a bunch of pictures

Along the path, there was a dried of creek that was off the path. There I found these shoes…

50mm. The shoes were not moved by me, and were found facing the same way like this. Strange.

I was going to make the entire post about these shoes, and trying to discover the story behind them, but then I hit a dead end and left.

50mm (I think). This is an example of how misty and foggy it was.
50mm. The tide was really low so I got to walk far from the shore.

I got down to the ocean, and could barely see in front of me, and I loved it.

50mm. The waves softly broke against the rock, it was super cool (but also super hard to get this picture).

I had to walk out on mossy rocks to get this picture, and almost slipped multiple times. When I got back to the sand I was glad I didn’t crack my head open, and happier I didn’t crack my camera open. And to end this post, when I looked up I noticed the mist fading, revealing the blue sky. 

The Song

I jammed my finger play basketball, so guitar is a no go for this week. I tried to make a cool beat, but ending up freestyling over a really bad beat. At least theres a song this week!

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