Shreddin’ in the Snow

Recently my class took a retreat to a place up north. And, as it tends to go, the north was pretty snowy. Except for limited times where there was maybe a pile of snow, I’ve never really seen or been in actual snow. And it was pretty snowy here. All of the photos in this blog are provided by

Josh Rivera, and Ryo Nishimura. All the photos are gathered from a big Google Drive photo dump, so I can’t give specific photo creds, but oh well. Anyways, the photo up there is me shreddin’, on the first day of the two day retreat.

Here’s me on the second day of the retreat. I snowboarded and ski’d for the first time ever, which provided a lot of excitement and bruises. Up until about 3 days after the retreat I could barely move due to the damage my body had taken.

Here’s a picture of the place we went to. Awesome giant pine trees littered the area, giving way to paths that carved into the snow.  Me and some friends went cross-country skiing (or back-country? i don’t know) to the top of a mountain, and boy was that hard. For the most part the snow was hard enough to be able to ski over, but on the biggest hill it was almost pure powder. The ground would give way and swallow you leg up to your knee sometimes. Once we got to the top we enjoyed a long and deserved downhill, where I crashed a few more times then I’d like to admit.

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip. I got to learn how to snowboard AND ski (btw snowboarding is so much better). I also got to bond with a lot of my classmates that I didn’t know that well, or that I didn’t know at all. We all learned more about each other, and came closer as a class. I can’t wait for next year!

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