Hey, I’m in Vietnam!

So, no song this week, because I’m in Vietnam! I am also really tired as of writing, so maybe only half will be coherent. Let me introduce you to the group I went with! I am writing this while in Vietnam, and can’t upload pictures, so I will be using random pictures from previous blogs



Is a cool gal I met on this trip. On the plane ride here we watched a weird movie called “Your Name…”, and now we have a bunch of memes about sweat, so thats cool.’



David is my main man. I met him on this trip and he is a really smart, and he goes hard in the workout room.



I’ve known Milo since 6th grade, so we are pretty close already. We have a lot of political debates that end up devolving into us yelling at each other, but yelling with love.


I’ve known Jordan since 6th grade, and he actually introduced me to Milo! He’s a really swell guy, and has really great colorful hair.


Is super cool dude who I’ve known since 6th grade, but never really hung out with that much, so on this trip we’ve gotten to bond and he’s a chill dude!


Melissa is Milo’s girlfriend, and together they make the best team in the world! She also has a pet rat which is surprisingly adorable.

We also got to meet a really cool North Vietnamese war veteran. He was a Captain of a unit, and we got to ask him about his opinions on America, the current state of Vietnam compared to Communist Vietnam, and many more cool things. Vietnam is a really cool country which I would highly recommend experiencing. When we first got here we were in Saigon, which is one of – if not the – biggest cities in Vietnam. It was crazy seeing all the people on motorcycles driving around and such, but it wasn’t my favorite part. Once we got to go into the more rural areas I felt like I was really in Vietnam. The makeshift water-floating houses, large markets with small amounts of people, and real homemade crafts at stores made the experience very different. Also, it’s so quiet! I’m writing this in at a home-stay, and me breathing is the loudest thing right now. So song this week, for slightly obvious reasons. Now excuse me while I go relax on a hammock.


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