Vietnam: A Retrospective

I’m back! I have like 10 folders packed to the brim with photos and videos, the videos I will be using in a movie that will take a decade for me to edit. Instead of describing the entire trip, I am just going to show photos taken on the trip and explain the context behind them.

Going to local markets was a regular occurrence on the trips, and you quickly picked up on local ways of life. Things such as bartering, realizing that all the stores sold the same stuff, and seeing weird looking probably not healthy foods became second hand nature by the end of the trip. One thing that I never quite got used to however was some of the things they sold. There were a lot of live animals, like this duck.

This was a duckling that was for sale for around 20,000 Dong, which is less than $1 USD. Evolution has spent millennia and millennia changing small characteristics of animals to best suit their environment, overtime building from single cell organisms to complex organisms to humans. The fact that you could buy a living, sentient thing for less than a dollar was outstanding to me. A piece of life for a dollar. Melissa bought a duck and gave it as a gift to the people at the home-stay, to which they played with for a second and then dropped it into a bucket, where it continuously quacked. We don’t currently know the fate of the duck, but I think its safe to say that duck is dead.

One of the coolest locations we visited was a Caodai temple. We didn’t get to spend to much time learning about the specifics of the religion, but basically it is a colorful mix of a bunch of different religions. The architecture of the temple itself was awesome, with various depictions of Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ, and Confucius.

The Song

Ok, so I wanted to sample this song and make it into a cool beat, but I have been jet-lagged so much that I might just die. So, here is the song in it’s entirety. I recorded it at a live performance at our homestay.


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