The Beauty of Flowers

While doing an assortment of other assignments for school, I realized that I needed to work on the blog post. “Alright”, I said, “what ideas do I have?”. This is around the time I realized I had no idea on what to do for this week’s blog post. I made a song, but that is going to be for next week’s post so I have time to work on it. I have a another blog post, but I need to do a lot of in depth research for that one, and that is something I have time not for this week. “Hm” I thought, “What a predicament”. I then thought back to the beginning of this blog. I had felt such a sense of freedom and independence when I made that first blog post, because I literally just picked up my camera, put on shoes, and left. I didn’t find a jacket, or make sure my phone was at full battery. I had left with whatever I had, and dealt with whatever consequences arose on the journey. So, this week I decided to do just that. I grabbed my camera, put on my shoes, and left my home.

As I was walking I saw a gathering of very colorful and bright flowers. I decided to take pictures of them, and quickly noticed the difference in state between them. This lone flower was a kind of muted bright orange, and kneeled down towards the ground.

However these popping bright pink flowers were in abundance, and stood held high and pointed towards the sky.

These flowers reminded me of the pink flowers, bright and attention grabbing, and held high. These however were at the end of a branch, and lone as opposed to the close bunched together pink flowers.

Some flowers were meant to be judged not alone, but in their groups, such as this one. The color alone wasn’t very striking, and they were very simple, with a straight stem that went towards the ground with no varience. However, if you look at all the flowers, they seemed to be bold and strong, standing independent but close to one another.

The Song

There will actually be a song this week! I’m going to post another song from Vietnam which is pretty cool.

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