Run into the Sea.

To continue the theme of last week, instead of going on a walk by myself some friends and me got together and went on a jog on the bluffs, which you might remember from previous blog posts.

At first it was a jog with me and Maddie (who you may remember went to Vietnam with me) to get back into shape, but then we invited Track-Star Champion Milo Hensley who was in perfect health and dashed past me and Maddie quite early on, and we soon realized that the group was in varying states of fitness  so a jog maybe wasn’t the best idea. We continued the “jog” part of our trip on the beach, where we found many interesting things, such as a…

(presumably) recently deceased seal. Thankfully no one stepped on this… corpse. Although we might have close. We actually found a lot of animals on the beach, and since the beach was relatively remote most of the animals were in good health. Except for this one sea slug we found. Is that they are called? Whatever you call them it was dead, so.. And the dead seal we found. Anyways…

We climbed up and over this hill to discover a random structure made from concrete. Whatever it’s original purpose was doesn’t matter, as it was now an aging dilapidated shell with trash littered all around it. The walls were completely covered from bottom to top in spraypaint, some of the paint was used in beautiful works of graffiti art, and some was used in gang markings. There was even a guy there who looked like he was about to add to the spray paint collage. We continued to wander around the beach until we eventually started to walk home. Not before we went into a hot tub and visited some other friends.

Overall we might not’ve gotten in shape, but we had a really fun day! Let’s get to the song.

The Song


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