Fun Run

So, I have really big news to tell everyone. But, to build suspense, I will drop hints throughout this blog post, and then give the grand finale at the end. So, for this big piece of news, I need to get in shape. Not just getting fit or becoming swole (both of which I already am), but I need to build endurance. So, for this week blog adventure, I went on a run. I didn’t bring any water, only my phone and earbuds. I FEEL like this was kind of freeing in a way. Anyways, I first had to get the BLOOD flowing, so I started the run by walking. Also, keep in mind that I was and still am extremely out of shape, so the “walking” beginning took a long time. I began by listening to some good ole funk, a little bit of the old jams.

However whenever I tried to run, my sides would hurt and force me to stop. This was super annoying because how am I supposed to get better at running if I can’t run. YAH, I was pretty out of shape. This happened multiple times until I was deep into a forest, where XXX by Kendrick Lamar came on. If you’ve never listened to it, and want to get extremely hyped, listen to this song at full volume. I started running faster than I’ve ever run through a forest of fallen trees. Eventually I got lost but it didn’t even matter because of how hyped I was. I went off the beaten path and eventually found out where I was. The song ended, and so did my side pains! For the rest of the day I was in my ELEMENT, and went hard.

I eventually went down to the shore where the tide was really high, and played a game where I would run where the waves crashed and tried to run faster than the waves. I eventually lost and my shoe got wet, so I called it a day. I finished the ride by going hard to “Hell of a Life” by Kanye West.

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