The Journey Across the World

(the title may or may not be clickbait)

This week was another week of hanging out with people. It actually began on Saturday, at school. We had to come in on Saturday to do our World History final, which doubled as a practice test for the AP World test. I did that, and hung out with Cole and Elliot for a while. We went to Mcdonalds to rendezvous with some other cats, but we ended up parting ways there. We then traveled around town and ended up at Big Five, where we impersonated hillbillies in the hillbilly section of the store, home to fishing poles, guns, and camo clothes.

Eventually I had to leave, and went home. I was originally going to go to my friends’ block party thing, but it ended up not happening. So I sat at home on a perfectly good Saturday afternoon, trying to find something to do as to not waste the best day of the weekend.

Me and my friend Milo ended up sleeping the night at another friend Jordan’s house. We have been friends since 6th grade, and this was the first time in a while we had hung out together, so it was nice to chill with them.  On Sunday I stayed home and relaxed. Well, I didn’t really relax, because we still had AP tests coming up. So I stayed home and studied.


On Monday I went for another run, and it was really good! This continued on Tuesday, and would’ve continued on Wednesday if I didn’t mess up shins trying to do some box jumps. I’m writing this on Thursday, the day we had to take the AP test. I am not allowed to say literally anything about it, but I think I did pretty decent, and am hoping for a 4, a 3 at the least. And, the most disappointing part of the blog:

The Song

Ha. Studying for the AP test destroyed me, so I will instead recommend an artist. Smino makes really cool and chill music, I personally recommend Glass Flows, Father Son Holy Smoke, Maraca, and Flea Flicka off his blkswn album. Cya!


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