Bike Ride in the middle of Nowhere.

This week my friend Milo and I went on a bike ride. We started over at his house, and then we started to go around the neighborhood. He lives close to a bunch of spots so we first went to a 7-11 esque store. There we bought this thing called TruMoo, or something like that. I’ve never liked milk, but oh my god that is the best milk i’ve ever had. And, according to the label, it’s very nutritious! It is also probably loaded with sugar. But it’s super creamy and rich, which is also on the label. We drank that, hung out, and went back on our bikes. We then headed for a high school, biked around there for a while, and began a story that would last 2 hours. Milo is a great storyteller, but sometimes he hypes things up a little TOO much. I can’t go into the details of the story, but it was one of power, poison, pain, and joy. So we continued to bike around the neighborhood, and slowly finished the story. On the way we came across this overgrown path, and just had to check it out.

Milo was riding with a road bike, and this was not fit for a road bike. Anyways, I realized I had to start heading home, so we headed in that direction. I live a good couple miles from Milo, so we began to tire on the way home. We stopped by this little secluded park Milo knows about, and hung out and explored.

We found a dried up river full of bamboo, and I would be lying if I said we didn’t indulge in our inner childhood memories of stick fighting. We also found this weird pipe, and came up with ideas for horror movies.

We then caught a ice cream truck, lived the full American dream and got some candy, and departed. For the rest of the week I’ve been stuck indoors due to editing a video and studying for a math final on Thursday. But I have been able to sneak out and play/practice some basketball.

The Song




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