A Retrospective

Well, this is the blog post, and to be honest I think that means it will be the last time I update this. With it being the last post, I decided the best way to wrap things up is with an introspective retrospective. Let’s get right into it. I’ll be including pictures from past posts that were unused throughout.

The Beginning

When I began this blog I was full of energy and excitement. I would spend long amounts of time coming up with ideas for next week’s post, would spend multiple days working on the blog, get my good camera out to take quality pictures, etc. And, not to mention, I would actually make songs! It would be a hassle to make the songs sometimes, but I would still do it. This mindset continued for a couple weeks. Eventually, I lost the momentum though, the motivation that had pushed me had fizzled out, and now I was just trying to post a new blog every week for the grade requirement. We then had to post pictures to Instagram, and keep a Facebook updated. This didn’t help my already deteriorating relationship with the blog, and it quickly began to feel like a chore instead of something fun. This is also when I started to stop posting music. I would have to get my laptop out and wait for Logic to open, get my microphone out and set it up, set up the settings on the laptop, wait for my home to be quiet, and THEN I would have to actually think of a song! And of course during the song I would stutter, or mess up a chord, or do some mistake, so I would delete my progress and restart. I would do an unbelievable amount of takes, and towards the end I would hate the song and debate even posting it. Eventually I hated doing the blogs, and would just take pictures with my phone for the photos, and put as little effort as possible in. And to show this, I would stop exactly at the word count, which is-

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