Vietnam: A Retrospective

I’m back! I have like 10 folders packed to the brim with photos and videos, the videos I will be using in a movie that will take a decade for me to edit. Instead of describing the entire trip, I am just going to show photos taken on the trip and explain the context behind […]

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Hey, I’m in Vietnam!

So, no song this week, because I’m in Vietnam! I am also really tired as of writing, so maybe only half will be coherent. Let me introduce you to the group I went with! I am writing this while in Vietnam, and can’t upload pictures, so I will be using random pictures from previous blogs […]

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Shreddin’ in the Snow

Recently my class took a retreat to a place up north. And, as it tends to go, the north was pretty snowy. Except for limited times where there was maybe a pile of snow, I’ve never really seen or been in actual snow. And it was pretty snowy here. All of the photos in this blog […]

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Journey to the Mist

I’ve been keeping up my basketball routine since the Basketball post, but due to pulling my hamstring (or straining it, idk) and the whole wisdom teeth thing, I haven’t been able to go for about a week and a half.  So, on Monday I was able to finally get back into the groove. It was […]

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Lost but Gained Wisdom

Wisdom Teeth. It’s something we all have,  we’ll actually we all at some point or another had. I used to have mine, but this Friday I got them… “extracted”. I never know what word to use when I’m talking about it. I got my wisdom teeth pulled? Well, not really. Extracted? That sounds kind of […]

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Basketball is something that has been somehow or other been connected to my life. When I was a kid around 1st-3rd grade, I played ball in an organization. I never really liked it though, my parents didn’t necessarily force me to do it, but they were the primary reason I did it. I always got pre-game […]

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So for this blog post I had great expectations. I wanted to improve in the areas I failed in last post, better plan my time, and have a real adventure. But then it rained, really hard. And at first I thought my entire weekend would be ruined. However, It actually turned out to be a […]

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